Monday, 24 June 2019


What does your diet have to do with your mind? In Yogic thought, we see the person as a whole: body mind and soul (energy). The mind is made up of the consciousness and the subconscious part. It’s how you see yourself. Let’s start off with exposing the foods that are available; Carbs, Protein and Fats have different building blocks in foods. Carbs can be released into energy very quickly, however the problem is the energy is used instantly (fast release) leading you to feel low on energy soon after you’ve consumed them. Athletes for example will eat a snack full of sugar and carbs to get that energy burst before a run or match.
Fats don’t digest easily, but it gives you longer lasting energy. If you eat Carbs and Fats then the body will use the carbs for energy and store the fats. If you stopped eating carbs and only eat fats and protein then you’ll activate genes to digest fats into long lasting energy. You won’t have the sugar rush and up/down energy levels. In the Keto diet you eat more fats and protein but small portion.  The average diet contains a lot of Carbs and people will reach out for a sugar snack to get more energy, however eating fats like olive oil, coconut oils will help curb the sugar cravings and will give you longer lasting energy.

The body and mind are connected, your digestion and absorption of nutrients are related to your thoughts and feelings. What you put in your mouth goes into a pipe and goes out at the other end. If you stretch out the digestive system it’s a pipe one hole at top your mouth and at the other end your anus. To absorb the nutrients into you body from the pipe, the digestive system picks what it wants and the rest gets secreted. It’s about Consciousness - are you building a healthy or a sick body?
The digestive system merely acts to what visions you have and react to what belief you hold.
A lot of people in this world have an issue with feeling a lack of love. It goes back to when you were a child and the programs that you recorded. The programs are usually self sabotaging, feelings of lack of self love, self worth are being stored into the mind and as an adult you act and create the wold that you subconsciously perceive. In my last blog I explained how you can reprogram your subconscious into the life you want. As the Buddha said with the mind you create the world. You can create a healthy body and mind.
It is ultimately up to you if you want to be vegetarian, vegan or which diets to follow. I’m not a keen meat eater and will hardly eat meat, yet when I was pregnant of my first daughter, I dreamt of steak and orange juice. My body was telling me I was low on iron and needed to top up on iron and iron gets better absorbed with vitamin C. Your body is a miracle with its own capacity to self heal, to replenish and rejuvenate as long as we are in tune with our body, nature and to live a life of harmony and health.

In health

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


When I ask yogis “what do you want in your life most”  people respond with Love, Peace, Joy. So this shows we agree on most things. This is a very exiting time to live in as we are becoming more  conscious we will create this heaven on Earth.

 Definition of consciousness is being aware of and responding to your environment. 2019 marks a fantastic year  as we collectively see old structures collapsing and more and more people waking up. The old way of being of survival of the fittest doesn’t work as we see our environment with many species being extinct, we are realising that nature and humanity is based on cooperation.

Consciousness creates your life’s experiences. As the Buddha said “ with the mind you create your world”.  If you think negative thoughts then you’ll make it a reality. The key is that you have the power to turn your life to a positive way of being. When you feel negative thoughts come up, distract yourself with fun stuff to do like walk in nature, read a book, dance, sing. This way you’ll let go of repetitive self talk. If you do this habitually i.e. whenever a negative thoughts comes up doing something fun then the dialogue in your head will go away and you’ll reprogram your negative patterns into positive ones. The mind consists of two parts the conscious which is the creative side that we only use 5% of our day, the  subconscious mind is part of the mind that has been programmed  by habits and beliefs since we were young and mostly are self sabotaging programmes. We operate 95% of our day from the subconscious mind.  The good news is you have the power to rewrite the programme by habitually ( making it a new habit) to think positive thoughts. Meditation is another way or self hypnosis, voice record the things you want into your life and listen to it just before you fall asleep ( this is known as the theta state, hypnosis stage) and will go straight to the subconscious mind. You are the creator of your life and by changing your programs you can change your life.

More and more people are fed up of being stressed.  We are breaking the structure and underneath it is a new structure. We are collectively thinking outside of the box into a more conscious healthier and happier life that is in harmony and in tune with nature and that is what Yoga is about. Harmony!


Wednesday, 12 June 2019

 GMO is not Holistic and Natural

You lead a healthy holistic lifestyle and try to eat a variety of in season grown foods. Yet how healthy is your food?

With increased number of crops I did some research and wondered what the leading scientists say about GMO foods.
GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms where DNA from one species (i.e. plants, animals  or microorganisms) gets implanted into an other species in a way that does not occur naturally by mating and or natural recombination. Some call gmo as “God Move Over”. Changing nature to accommodate the industrial module of fast quantity rather letting nature take its time and having quality foods. GMO foods is known to damage organs, immune systems, creates holes in the GI track, cancer. Eating GMO foods is a risk not taking , says Don Laster PhD.

Colin Campbell PhD professor at Cornell university says the food industry is here to make money and is not interested in high quality foods.

Even when studies have shown that eating GMO foods is unhealthy, governments and officials backed the big Pharma and Bio-Tech companies.
Those companies and government officials suppress knowledge. Safety bills are used to protect the bio tech companies.
Those companies produce seeds that are resistant to chemicals and even crops which are organic and grown next to gmo crops get contaminated also insects and air gets contaminated. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD biologist and author of Biology of belief, says “GMO foods have negative and profound changes to our environment. We are heading to sixth mass extinctions, we are rapidly losing species. The source of the problem is human behaviour that is undermining the web of life”. If people would know the truth they would demand healing and holistic lifestyle instead of disinformation by large cooperations, governments and European legislators. 
Lack of information is lack of power. Do your research yogis and be informed.
In health,

Thursday, 30 May 2019


Often I hear new students say to me, “I have never done Yoga before, but I have done Pilates. It’s the same, isn’t it?”

I wanted to share with you my interpretation of the differences between Yoga and Pilates.  I have also asked Yogini Karen Mowry, who is a Pilates teacher, to share her views about Pilates. 

Yoga is an ancient tradition that originated In India 5000 years ago. Some even say that ancient Egyptians used to practice yoga. Yoga is a holistic lifestyle incorporating physical, mental and spiritual practices. The asana practice (postures) is just one part of the eight limbs of yoga.  Asanas are done to keep your organs cleansed and stimulate your lymphatic system.  Additional benefits include toning your muscles and clearing energy blockages so you can focus in meditation and live a pain free life. 

A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. Living in tune with nature, self care through yoga and a healthy diet allow you to live your best life.  When you are in harmony inside then you will find harmony in your life.  Yoga helps you to live in the present moment and helps you stay in touchbacks with your intuition trusting your gut feelings rather than overthinking situations and suffering from stress and anxiety.

 Sattva is the term for a harmonious life.. This ancient yoga practice came to the West in the 20th century and became very popular by the 1980’s as a physical well-being practice. Yet from my experience Yoga practice offers far more than physical fitness.  It grounds you and makes you feel in tune with your true nature and love for life. 


Pilates is a physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates in early 20th century. He referred to it as “contrology”.  It is an art of controlled movement.  Essentially it’s a workout to improve core strength, endurance and flexibility throughout the entire body. It puts an emphasis on alignment and breathing, developing a strong core and coordination. I asked Karen Mowry a Pilates teacher her intake on Pilates:
After working long hours at a desk for a large consulting firm, my body was tight, my posture was poor and my breathing needed work.  I loved to be active and exercise but I needed something different than my normal  running and resistance training.  I tried Pilates in a studio in Northern Virginia. The instructor used the equipment to help me understand the exercises and find the muscles I needed to “turn on” as well as the muscles vI needed to “turn off”. I was hooked!   Three years later I completed the BASI Pilates teacher training program.  I am currently teaching at Cobham Pilates. I continue to learn about the amazing resilience of the body and the genius of the Pilates method. 
I asked Karen why she likes Yoga; 
Practicing Yoga helps me quiet my “busy mind” so that I can focus on what is real and important. When my mind is steady my physiology is different and my body can also relax. I think Yoga and Pilates are a great compliment to each other and an important part of a healthy lifestyle!

Yogis, it shows you that this ancient yoga practice can be incorporated in your daily life and it doesn’t discriminate ages, genders or sports. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the many benefits in your life. 
Yoga brings balance back in your body, mind and soul one with nature.

Monday, 20 May 2019

    Healthier you through Brain Yoga 

Living in harmony and to your fullest potential for a healthier loving life is achievable for all of us.  In fact, we are designed to live in this way making a heaven on earth.. 

So what does this have to do with brain exercise? Well, we don’t use the whole of our brain all the time. We have habitual pathways which means we use only part of our brain’s potential.  

What would it be like to use 100% of your brain?  You would become holistically complete.  When we start to engage in whole brain activity we enhance our ability to become happier and healthier.

So how can you begin the journey to expand your mind and access its full potential?  Yoga is a pathway to opening the mind.  You could call it “Brain gym”.  

Through the asana practice of yoga postures you activate both hemispheres of the brain.  For instance, your right hand is controlled by the left hemispheres and left hand is controlled by the right hemispheres. If it crosses the midline like crossing your arms or crossing your legs, you activate the other part of your brain.  With both hemispheres working together you create the opportunity for Super Learning. 

How do we tap into and activate this Super Learning state?  It can be difficult because of our habitual way of thinking conditioned from a young age.  Most adults don’t have synchronisation of both hemispheres. Your left brain is logic, rational, objective, looks at parts. Your right brain is holistic, intuitive, random, subjective and looks at the big picture.  

During the day it’s like a wave going in from the left to the right side of the brain.  Only one part is dominant and it’s not integrated with the other side. This will cause stress and disease in your body and mind. As mentioned before we need to use both hemispheres of our brain ( also known as Hemi-Synch).  If you use both hemispheres you feel calmer, life supports you, you are healthier, more creative and have an abundance of energy. Your body is in a growth, repair and learning state. 

Some ways to access Hemi-Synch

1) stand tall and cross your right ankle over left, hinge from your hips and drop your arms and torso over your legs. Sway your arms from side

to side. Repeat on the other side. 

2) sitting or lying down with ankles crossed and/or arms crossed.  This calms your body and connects your hemispheres. 
         3) Awareness is the first step to help you use both hemispheres and beak the old habitual                  patterns of thinking.
         4) Meditation

          I would like to acknowledge Dr. Bruce H. Lipton for sharing his articles, books and videos      about  brain health and how to be in hemi-synch for a healthier life.


Tuesday, 7 May 2019

The Benefits of Grounding

Often while Teaching I say to my students, ‘ground yourself’ in a specific pose.  In Yoga we define grounding as connecting with the earth both physically and spiritually. Yoga poses such as downward facing dog are very grounding.  In DFD we begin on all fours, spreading  the fingers wide while the feet are pressing down connecting to the earth. Tree pose is another grounding pose. Your standing leg is rooted To the earth like a tree trunk. You engage your leg muscles and press all points of the foot downward connecting to the ground.  Imagine roots coming from your toes descending deep into the earth. You are physically and mentally connected to the earth’s energy. 
In yoga we talk about achieving spiritual grounding.  Spiritual grounding is being In the moment and feeling the earths energy enliven us to live fully without distractions of the mind such as fear, worry and stress. It is an important element of progressing your yoga practice to use the breath and grounding to focus the mind on the present moment and tame the monkey mind. The monkey mind is the endless stream of thoughts and emotions that pass through the mind like weather.

We are lucky in Yoga doing the poses with bare feet. We physically feel the ground under us and feel Mother Earth’s healing energy.  We know we are part of a collective system of life that is circular and co-reliant, feeling calm and safe despite the chaos and life challenges we face.  

Research like Dr Mercola and Clint Ober has shown the many health benefits of grounding.  Grounding replenishes the body with healthy energy, electrons, anti oxidants and reduces inflammation!. It is very healthy for adults, children and babies ( reduces colic). 

Ways to Ground Yourself

1) As often as you can walk with bare feet.  Feel the four corners of your feet on the ground whether it’s at home  or in the garden or on the beach. 

2) Practice Tree pose and visualise roots coming from your feet down into the earth. The deeper the roots the taller the tree creating length in your spine. 

3) Root chakra (Mula Bandha) exercises engaging pelvic muscles for an uplift energy.  

4) Breathe and be aware of your inhalation and exhalation. It will calm your body and mind stimulating your parasympathetic system to heal and repair. 

5) Practice yoga inside or outside with bare feet.

6) Play outside with bare feet.  Throw a frisbee, jump on a trampoline or just walk on the grass and feel your connection to the earth.   

Sunday, 5 May 2019



Are you a secret singer belting your favourite ballads in the shower or humming a happy tune in traffic or tapping to the rhythm of your favourite Jazz track while chopping veg?  Or is your enjoyment and connection to sound more subtle?  Perhaps walking your dog you pause listening to birdsong or the sound of wind rustling through leaves overhead. Have you ever wondered why sound has such a transformative effect on your mental state and emotions?

Sound therapy includes both music and sound at all levels of vibration and intensity.  What all sound therapy has in common is the positive impact on the human body, mind and spirit.  Scientists have discovered the profound healing power of sound and have begun to research the ways it can be used to address mental and physical illness.  Bruce Lipton, biologist, speaker and author has studied the benefits of gong baths.  

There are many types of sound healing including vocal therapy, gong baths, music therapy, chanting and drumming workshops.  Music has been used for thousands of years to bring the body back into harmony both in cultural ritual and everyday practice.  One of the many benefits of sound therapy is that it has so many versions which means you can tailor it to your personal needs and preferences.  

I love using tuning forks to bring vibration into the body and clear blockages in chi or energy pathways.  Alternative healing practices such as sound therapy are inexpensive, immediately accessible and have no negative side effects.  Conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, negative thinking and many more can be alleviated with sound therapy.  Experiment with different methods to find what you enjoy.  

Music therapy, one form of sound healing, can accompany other harmonising practices such as yoga, meditation, massage, breathing exercises and mindfulness to enhance and deepen the benefits.  Music can have such a positively powerful effect bringing new energy, hope and vitality to people.  

Take the opportunity to bring the harmonising benefits of sound healing into your life.  It is a gentle but powerful way to help yourself restore balance and harmony between your mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend Gary and Olga from with their Gong bath and forest bathing meditation .